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Circa 1920s Art Deco 2.22ct Old Euro (EGL Cert) Diamond Engagement Ring ft. French-Cut Sapphires, Heavy Detailed PLAT Mounting, ATL #304B 

Here we have an absolutely STUNNING, jaw-dropping art-deco beauty.. literally like NO OTHER! Wow, so many amazing antique features all over. Lets start with the center diamond itself, because obviously, all eyes on it! Featuring a beautiful original old european diamond, weighing in at a whopping 2.22ct, with VS2 clarity and I color... this ring is definitely one-of-a-kind. The brilliance and scintillation on this diamond is unreal, with each facet lighting up. Prong-set, it's difficult to keep your eyes off this beauty for sure. The diamond is certified through EGL (European Gemological Laboratory) and comes with an appraisal through UGS (Universal Gemological Services) at a replacement value estimated of $21,310.00; these certifications would be accompanied with this ring when purchased.

Now let's talk the stunning mounting that this diamond is housed in. Crafted in platinum, the ring has heavy etching design all over on all sides. The shank tapers down towards the bottom, where it thins out a bit, allowing the focus to be on the top part of the ring and the old european diamond. On either side of the diamond are sapphire baguettes, french cut. Total of 4 sapphires (2 in each stripe), these lay out in an angle almost diagonally to the diamond. The center diamond is in a fish-tail setting, with 4 prongs holding it. Underneath where the center stone sits, plenty of wire work is visible, another stunning deco character! Furthermore, there are accent diamonds visible all over the mounting. Total of 12 single cut diamonds, these are G color VS clarity and contribute to the overall fire and brilliance appearance of the ring.

One of our most favorite elements about the center stone is that it is cut in a very early jewels era, where the cutter wanted to make the appearance of the diamond appear larger than it is. The millimeter of the stone spans to make it look as if it is a 3 carat diamond, when in actuality it is 2.22carats (still making for a jaw-dropping big royal look!)

As you can see, we can continue boasting about this ring for a very long time. We are in love with it, and can't wait till it makes it on a beautiful hand very soon. We are swooning over it, and know that it will make for an *epic* engagement in the near future. Truly an exceptional art-deco ring that is high quality with a big royal looking diamond, and featuring all the right bells and whistles to accompany it, check it out for yourself!! 

This engagement ring is accompanied with an EGL certificate for the center diamond. It also is accompanied with a UGS Appraisal certificate (replacement value of $21,310.00) for the center diamond.

This piece is accompanied with GAL paperwork and certificate of appraisal on the entire ring.

This piece shows that high quality craftsmanship will withstand the test of time!


Ring Details:
Size: 4.7g
Metal Type: Platinum
Weight: 2.1g

Center Diamond Details:
Cut: Old European
Measures: 9.39 x 9.34 x 3.74mm
Size: 2.22cts
Color: I
Clarity: VS2 

EGL Certificate # US 78238610D
Depth: 39.9%
Table: 51%
Crown: 12.8%
Pavillion: 22.9%
Culet: Slightly Large
Girdle: Thin to Thick
Polish: Good
Symmetry: Fair to Good
Fluorescence: None

Accent Diamond Details:
Cut: Single cuts
Carat Weight: .12cttw (0.01cts each x 12)
Color : G
Clarity: VS 

Sapphire Details:
Type: French-Cut Baguettes (Natural)
Color: Royal Blue

Finger to Top of Stone Measurement: 7.56mm

Art Deco Era:

Time Period: The Art Deco movement is sometimes dated to between 1920 to 1930, but its beginnings started around 1915 and continued into the 30s. While the styles of the time were in full swing between the 1920s and 1930s, and exploded in the mid-1920s thanks to the "Exposition des Arts Decoratifs et Industriels Modernes" held in 1925 in Paris, Art Deco rings may be found dated from 1915 and up to around the mid-1930s. 

Description of Era: The artistic design styles of the day were heavily eclectic, even daring, and combined geometric patterns and lines with natural themes and shapes. This was an age of travel, exploration, economic booms and discovering new prospects. The world was experiencing a celebration of renewal and happiness post World War I and this awareness of new beginnings is captured in designs from the Art Deco era. 

Art Nouveau influences from the early 1900s can be seen in many Art Deco styles too - a few in particular include geometric designs combined with ribbon, swirl and flower shapes. Motifs were also heavily influenced by increased travel, a growing interest in discovering other cultures, and the opening of King Tutankhamen's tomb in 1922. Many Art Deco designs contain Egyptian, African, Oriental and American Indian symbols, designs and patterns.

A bright and bold look was accomplished using eye-catching metal work combined with large diamonds and gemstones to create a style of geometric patterns and shapes. During the Art Deco years, yellow gold was not used often. Platinum, 18k and 14k white gold and sterling silver were most common.  Colorful gemstones and gorgeous diamonds were used often in designs. Gemstones featured prominently in rings of the day, in addition to diamonds, included emeralds, sapphires, jade, black onyx and rubies. Crystal and mother-of-pearl were favored in ring designs throughout the Art Deco years as well and the channel setting was the most popular type of gemstone setting at this time. Art Deco diamond rings were generally made with stones cut with large top table facets and newer cuts such as baguettes, triangle cuts and emerald cuts. However, old world traditional diamond cuts are sometimes seen in Art Deco rings as well.

When you choose to go vintage with VERMA, you are cutting out the use for further mining and environmental damages which are a byproduct. In addition, the diamonds used in our collection are all conflict-free; as the conflict mines were in production after our pieces are dated.

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