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1950s Universal 14K White Gold & Diamond Watch

1950s Universal 14K White Gold & Diamond Watch

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1950s Retro Universal Wristwatch - 14K White Gold, Diamonds

Features 3 diamonds set in a cluster on each end of the watch (6 diamonds total) and an emerald shaped case with a 14K White gold bezel.
The Crystal remains in great condition with no scratches.

Minimal greenish patina due to age is visible on the corners of the dial.
The watch strap threads behind the diamonds in a double loop. The band is after-market, white-gold plated and remains in great condition.

This is a winding, functional watch.

Swiss made, Universal Brand. Hallmark UNIVERSAL GENEVE SWISS is written next to the dial. The serial number 20616 is written on the back next to the 14K GOLD hallmark.

This dainty watch is ideal for an extra-small to small wrist.

Watch Details:

  • Brand: Universal
  • Metal: 14K White Gold
  • Weight: 8.6 grams
  • Serial #: 20616
  • Hallmark: 14K GOLD


Diamond Details:

  • Cut: Round Brilliant
  • Carat Weight: .10 carats total weight
  • Color: H
  • Clarity: SI

Retro Era:

Time Period: The Retro era refers primarily to the years 1935 through the mid 1950s. A more tailored version of Retro style and influence continued into the 1960s. The Retro era is also referred to as Early Modernism. Styles were big, bold, colorful, modern and feminine.

Description of Era: The 1950s were about Hollywood glam! Jewelry was big, colorful and expressive. Wartime exerted it’s own influence on style both in design and materials. Patriotic themes and synthetic stones were popular. Hollywood glitz and military scarcity themes combined to create exciting and innovative trends in fine and costume jewelry.

Women sought feminine styles to soften masculine fashion trends. Metal formed soft geometric shapes and colorful gems added color. Popular motifs included flowers, birds, fruit, ribbons, bows, scrolls and fabric folds. Metal formed soft folds and gems accented metal flora and fauna.

At the same time patriotic, military motifs emerged. These included Tank tread bracelets, stylized flags and military insignias embellished with red, white and blue gemstones.

Government restrictions and financial hardship exerted a strong influence in material choices. Jewelry makers used alternatives to precious gems and metals.
Diamonds were expensive and platinum was not available. Jewelers used synthetic rubies and sapphires, sterling silver and pink- and green-gold alloys. Rose and tricolor gold rose in popularity. Statement pieces showcased colorful gemstones with small diamond accents.

The Retro Era was about making More with Less! Less precious materials and more Glamour! Retro era pieces fit perfectly into today’s style. A statement necklace, ring, brooch or bracelet adds a bold accent to daily wear and finely accessorizes elegant attire. VERMA acquires the finest Retro pieces to satisfy your jewelry needs and desires.

When you choose to go vintage with VERMA, you are cutting out the use for further mining and environmental damages which are a byproduct. We acquire our previously owned pieces from estates and individuals. We know the provenance of our pieces and you know that each pre-loved piece is environmentally friendly. Each piece has a story to tell and a new chapter to write with you.

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