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Step into our magnificent world of history and heirlooms. VERMA is the authority on vintage engagement rings & jewels. Our pieces are each hand selected for their mix of impeccable quality, condition as well as rarity and true era nature. We are committed to providing an unmatched selection, which we know you will love to gaze into.

Our Story

The Verma BrothersThe Verma brothers have a deep-rooted history in heirlooms and rare gems, which spans back to the late 1800s. Originally based in New Delhi, India; the Verma family was a full service gem and precious metals company. Two generations later, Vijay and Virender Verma were the two sons who decided to head to the USA in the early 80s to the land of opportunity and opened a traditional jewelry store with focus on eastern style designs and inspirations. In the late 90’s the next generation of the Verma family; Amit & Gaurav stumbled upon a few rare art deco engagement rings while at an estate sale. Upon speaking with the owners of the estate and learning the immense history and love that was involved in the handcrafting of the pieces, the Verma brothers knew they had to tell the story of these pieces to the world. Traveling across the country as well as all over the world, the two brothers treasure hunt for the next beautiful & authentic piece of family history. With each sale, a part of history is passed down to the new owners.

Our Pledge

VERMA pledges to donate a portion of all proceeds towards the fight against Breast Cancer. Approximately 250,000 cases of breast cancer are diagnosed every year and millions of lives have been affected. We would like to do our part in funding the research for a cure for breast cancer.

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Go GreenGo Green

In a world full of hand-me-downs, there’s no shame in utilizing vintage styles to suit your needs, especially when former designs are as lovely as ever. Contemporary trendsetters wear antique jewelry to emphasize one-of-a-kind pieces full of intricate craftsmanship and detail. These rings were made during eras where jewelers emphasized quality over quantity to make every jewel unique – just like its wearer.

In modern times, why should we buy factory-made jewelry when these beautiful keepsakes are still available? When feasible, it makes sense to recycle goods to promote sustainable practices, rather than use excessive resources. With an antique gem, you’ll know your purchase advocated the reuse of cherished treasures – ensuring these valuable items remain timeless for generations to come.

Conflict Free DiamondsConflict Free

We only use natural diamonds in our jewelry. With that being said, we believe it is important to make sure these diamonds are ethically sourced. Since our pieces are only from antique and vintage eras, the diamonds were not produced during war periods in the 1970s and onward between African nations. In fact, all of our rings are typically never newer than the 1950s – guaranteeing gems from conflict-free eras. This was also before the period of synthetic diamonds, so your stones will retain more value for their natural beauty and unique vintage cuts and shapes through the years.