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14K Yellow Gold Victorian .55ct Old Miner Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

14K Yellow Gold Victorian .55ct Old Miner Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

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14K Yellow Gold Victorian .55ct Old Miner Cut Diamond Engagement Ring - VHK# 560

Year: 1890s
Ring Size: 6.25
Metal Type: 14K Yellow Gold [Hallmarked, and Tested]
Weight: 3.6 grams

Diamond Details: .55ct, Old Mine Brilliant (Antique Cushion), Natural Diamond, VS Clarity, J Color

Band Width: 4.25mm
Condition: Excellent

Late Victorian Wedding Rings: 1890 - 1901

Rings from the Late Victorian period are defined in a large part by their use of diamonds, cluster and marquise boat shapes, use of pearls and light airy styles which were an inspiration for rings made in the upcoming Edwardian period.

Victorian engagement rings largely changed with the diamond rush. Platinum was often used for ring settings. There was also a shift from handcrafted rings to rings that were mass produced using machines. This was the era when handcrafted rings went from a mainstay to a mere novelty, and many of the techniques of metal working were lost to history.

The Late Victorian era was also when the solitaire diamond engagement ring made its first debut and quickly became well-liked by the mid-1890s. Platinum became widely used for settings replacing gold and silver in popularity.  Predominant jewelry themes during the Late Victorian period were bows and ribbons, lace-type filigree, stars, feathers, double hearts, crowns, doves, oak leaves, grape clusters and Egyptian designs.

Popular gemstones used in Victorian wedding rings and engagement rings, in addition to diamonds and pearls included aquamarine, peridot, rubies, sapphires, opals, amethyst, chrysoberyl, turquoise and emeralds. Rings were made with metals including 18k, 15k 12k and 9k yellow gold, rose gold, silver and platinum became the preferred metal for diamond and gemstone settings in luxury pieces.

Ethically Sourced

When you choose to go vintage with VERMA, you are cutting out the use for further mining and environmental damages which are a byproduct. In addition, the diamonds used in our collection are all conflict-free; as the conflict mines were in production after our pieces are dated.

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