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Cherry Street

Cherry Street

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1971 Garnet Ring - 14k Yellow Gold, Garnets

Originally purchased in South Africa
2.0 carats Garnets
Oval, faceted, 4-prong set Center Stone
16 stone halo
14k Yellow Gold Setting
Decorative, Open Gallery
Filigree on face and shoulders
Smooth shank

Ring dimensions: 19 x 16 mm
Finger to top of stone: 7 mm
Ring fits a size 5.25 and can be resized

Ring Details:
Size: 5.25, can be resized
Metal: 14k Yellow Gold
Weight: 5.47 g
Hallmark: 14K

Dimensions: 19 x 16 mm
Finger to top of stone: 7 mm

Garnet Details:
Carat: 2.0 carat total weight (Quantity 17)

Vintage Era:

Time Period: Vintage jewelry refers to jewelry that has been previously owned and is usually at least 20 years old. This period includes jewelry from the early 1990's, 1980's and before. Vintage jewelry is typically classified by decade. Each decade has it's own identity, style and flair that reflect the influences of the time. These influences can be seen in both fine and costume pieces. 

Description of Era: Jewelry from each decade expresses the spirit of that time. The 1950s were about Hollywood glam! Jewelry was big, colorful and expressive. Gemstones and Gold offered various hues for statement Cocktail jewelry.

The Color trend continued into the 1960s but affordable fashion for the masses replaced status glam. Textured gold and synthetic materials formed geometric pieces in colors designed to Pop!

Men joined the party in the 1970s as trends reflected self-expression, multi-culturalism and natural materials. Birthstone gem jewelry, chokers, metals, ankle bracelets, colorful beads and larger-than-life hoop earrings rocked the decade.

The 1980s continued the affordable fashion trend of the '60s and redefined '50s glitz. Gold plating, faux pearls, colored glass and CZ were used in over-the-top, bold, glamorous, statement pieces. Rings, bracelets, brooches, necklaces...more was more! Statement jewelry, layering, big, the '80s were about expressing individuality.

Chokers, gemstones, bangles and hoops continued into the 1990s though a bit more understated. Name necklaces arrived and layering was here to stay.

Vintage style is Now. Color, layering, stacking, gold and more. Vintage is about expressing who you are and VERMA collects authentic vintage pieces just for you.

When you choose to go vintage with VERMA, you are cutting out the use for further mining and environmental damages which are a byproduct. We acquire our previously owned pieces from estates and individuals. We know the provenance of our pieces and you know that each pre-loved piece is environmentally friendly. Each piece has a story to tell and a new chapter to write with you.

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